Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys in Geneva

Welcome to Murgitroyd’s Geneva office, your local hub for expert European patent attorney services. Our Geneva office is strategically located at Rue Du Commerce 4, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland, providing easy access for our Swiss and international clients.

Our team of skilled patent attorneys specialize in representing clients before the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. With a multilingual team fluent in the three official languages of Switzerland – French, German, Italian – as well as English, we ensure seamless communication and representation for our clients.

In addition to our patent services, our trade mark attorneys in Geneva offer a tailored approach to each client, understanding the unique needs and challenges of their industry. We’re committed to helping secure and maintain your brand’s identity and reputation.

Our full IP capabilities extend beyond representation and include EP validations and renewals. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest levels of customer service while maintaining the security and development of your IP portfolios.

To learn more about our IP support services in Geneva, please contact Guido Zerbi at [email protected] or +39 02 8739 8550, or Rick De Zeeuw at [email protected] or +33 (0) 4 9721 5200.

Explore our website or get in touch with our team to find out how our Geneva patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys can support your business.

Office information

Geneva Rhône 8 SARL
Rue Du Commerce 4
1204 Geneva

Office lead

Guido Zerbi

Regional Head, Patents Europe

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