Our Values

Colleagues from across Murgitroyd participated in a series of open workshops that were specifically designed to direct further thinking on how we see ourselves, what makes us who we are and what sets us apart.

Our Core Values

Trust is at the core of all that we do

  • We value trust above all else
  • Strong relationships are built on trust and we work hard to earn and retain the trust of our colleagues, clients and suppliers
  • We do what we promise and don’t let others down
  • Trust is a two way street; we trust and support others and we strive to earn others’ trust and support

Unity is key to who we are

  • We are stronger together; everyone has a role to play in the success of the company
  • We pride ourselves on our open and supportive culture, where everyone is seen and heard
  • We care for one another and champion diversity, equality, inclusion and a respectful work environment
  • We generously share our knowledge and experience and support one another to growth and success

We are confident in our abilities

  • We think creatively and act with confidence
  • We are assured in our knowledge and expertise and seek clarity when understanding the needs of our clients
  • We think beyond what is possible and always look for new and better ways
  • We embrace change and never stand still


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