Our regular Innovation Talks podcast talks you through IP and how you can effectively use it in your business.

S08E04: Interview with John Harris of Elevator UK

31 March 2022
21m 28s
S08E03: What is the role of the European Patent Validation team in the patent process?

11 January 2022
12m 33s
S08E02: What is the role of the Renewals team in the patent process?

14 December 2021
09m 30s
S08E01: Interview with Ben Leonard, founder of Beast Gear

8 December 2021
24m 55s
S07E15: Evolution of IP – what is IP Portal and what role does it play in the patent process?

23 November 2021
14m 32s
S07E14: Joining the IP Profession

19 November 2021
13m 05s
S07E13: Collaboration agreements, Part 2 – Heads of terms and confidentiality agreements

9 November 2021
10m 41s
S07E12: Collaboration agreements, Part 1 – Employee and contractor contracts

26 October 2021
27m 04s
S07E11: Key aspects to consider when setting up an IP policy

12 October 2021
12m 49s
S07E10: Evolution of IP – what is the role of a patent administrator?

28 September 2021
S07E09: Interview with Graeme Purdy of Ilika Technologies

15 September 2021
13m 22s
S07E08: What is invention harvesting & how can it benefit my business?

31 August 2021
15m 05s
S07E07: Getting ready to export? Don’t forget about IP!

18 August 2021
22m 08s
S07E06: Secondments – Working Closely with Clients

4 August 2021
19m 04s
S07E05: Interview with Mandy Haberman of Haberman Global Innovations

21 July 2021
29m 42s
S07E04: How can an Innovation Board help your business? Part 2 – Future Innovations

7 July 2021
12m 27s
S07E03: How can an Innovation Board help your business? Part 1 – Current IP Portfolio

23 June 2021
22m 41s
S07E02: Patent Scoring – Portfolio Management

9 June 2021
15m 12s
S07E01: Interview with Martin Tangney OBE of Celtic Renewables

25 May 2021
12m 39s
S06E10: What is Patent Box? Interview with Lisa Whitbread

12 May 2021
18m 28s
S06E09: IP Ownership PART 2 – Why is it Important to Determine IP Ownership?

28 April 2021
20m 42s
S06E08: World IP Day Special – Interview with Kibosh

26 April 2021
12m 18s
S06E07: IP Ownership PART 1- How to Determine IP Ownership

15 April 2021
18m 21s
S06E06: Bioinformatics – Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

31 March 2021
15m 51s
S06E05: Interview with Stefan Larsson of CEJN

17 March 2021
15m 09s
S06E04: Interview with Steve Ewing of EIE

3 March 2021
9m 29s
S06E03: Social Media & Your IP Rights

18 February 2021
24m 13s
S06E02: Interview with Alan Foreman of B-Secur

8 February 2021
31m 21s
S06E01: Can a Scientist Make a Good Entrepreneur?

20 January 2021
15m 36s
S05E14: How to Protect Your IP from Counterfeit

13 January 2021
26m 05s
S05E13: From Uni to FTSE – How to Develop Your Patent Portfolio

9 December 2020
13m 14s
S05E12: Computer Implemented Inventions & Patents

25 November 2020
22m 59s
S05E11: Accelerating IP Protection – What Are Your Options?

11 November 2020
18m 11s
S05E10: Mitigating Risks During IP Collaborations

28 October 2020
17m 57s
S05E09: Benefitting from R&D Tax Credits with Leyton UK

14 October 2020
10m 20s
S05E08: The Trade Mark & Design Overlap – Advantages of Design Registration

9 October 2020
29m 42s
S05E07: In-Depth Discussion on the Impact of Brexit on Your Intellectual Property

30 September 2020
29m 26s
S05E06: What You Need Before Filing a Patent Application

16 September 2020
11m 41s
S05E05: Benefits of IP Audits from an Attorney’s Point of View

2 September 2020
10m 07s
S05E04: How to Mark Products to Highlight IP Rights

19 August 2020
08m 05s
S05E03: Biggest IP Myths – Answered

5 August 2020
11m 28s
S05E02: How Can We Defend & Enforce Your IP Rights?

22 July 2020
09m 03s
S05E01: Should I Seek IP Protection Even If I Have No Money to Defend It?

8 July 2020
07m 50s
S04E12: How to Choose an IP Advisor to Work With

23 June 2020
11m 36s
S04E11: Trade Secrets vs Patenting

10 June 2020
10m 23s
S04E10: Tips for Protecting New Products & Innovations

27 May 2020
11m 18s
S04E09: The Importance of Trade Marks

13 May 2020
08m 08s
S04E08: The Different Trade Mark Types

29 April 2020
09m 29s
S04E07: The IP in Your Business with Cascoda’s Bruno Johnson

20 April 2020
09m 06s
S04E06: How to Identify Gaps in Your IP Protection

15 April 2020
11m 53s
S04E05: What You Need to Know About Design Protection – Part 2

31 March 2020
11m 03s
S04E04: What You Need to Know About Design Protection – Part 1

18 March 2020
09m 02s
S04E03: Brexit & Trade Marks – What You Need to Know

4 March 2020
09m 02s
S04E02: Start-ups – All You Need to Know About Trade Marks

21 February 2020
07m 53s
S04E01: The Innovation Lifecycle of Intellectual Property

5 February 2020
10m 23s
S03E07: Key Steps You Can Take to Identify Your Intellectual Property

11 December 2019
08m 03s
S03E06: Taking the First Steps in Intellectual Property

27 November 2019
07m 10s
S03E05: Think Before You Publish Your Idea

12 November 2019
10m 24s
S03E04: How to Make Sure You Don’t Copy Someone Else’s IP?

29 October 2019
11m 14s
S03E02: Steps to Take to Safeguard Your IP at Conferences, Exhibitions and Conventions

1 October 2019
11m 39s
S03E01: How to Safeguard the Confidentiality of Your SME’s IP

12 September 2019
13m 57s