High-Tech and Software

High-tech and software intellectual property moves quickly, and that’s why expert advice is needed to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Life Sciences, Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

The technical and legal issues of this sector are among the most complex of any field. We’ll put together a hand-picked team with the knowledge, legal skills and commercial acumen to help you address them.

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Our unique collaborative approach means you’ll have the right people representing you, no matter which field of engineering is your specialty.

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Our energy team is centred in Aberdeen — the energy capital of Europe — although it has strong representation across other offices too. The specialist attorneys in this group have education and experience in all facets of the industry.

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Consumer Goods

In the fast-moving consumer goods sector, products often have a short lifecycle. Deciding what to protect and when can be challenging. That’s where our expert teams can help.

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Business and Financial Services

The business and financial services sector moves quickly and requires specialist advice on intellectual property protection. Our experts can offer the advice and support you need.

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Creative Industries

Whether you’re creating a new album or fashion or furniture range, designing a trade mark or scripting a television series, designing fast-moving electronic goods, or developing computer-related imagery, your whole business is about unique and protectable intellectual property.

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Our European patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys are legal and technical experts with real industry experience in a wide range of sectors. Find an expert in your field.

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