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The trends of electrification, sustainability, autonomy and connectivity are pushing the automotive sector through a period of unprecedented change and innovation. Led by both traditional manufacturers and suppliers, as well as new market disruptors, fresh technologies are constantly emerging that relate to every aspect of a vehicle. These range from battery packs and electrified drivetrains to advanced materials and light-weighting techniques, software and cybersecurity systems.

Our multidisciplinary automotive team has considerable experience at the cutting-edge of the industry. Our technical experts can assist across the full spectrum of automotive innovation, including the non-core technologies that are increasingly prevalent.

The automotive IP experts

Whether you’re improving the thermal management of a battery pack, designing the shape of a new driverless car or entering into a collaboration agreement to develop an entire new vehicle, we can provide the commercially minded advice you need to move forward securely in today’s complex IP landscape.

We act as an extension of your in-house team, forming long-term relationships and providing responsive, clear and concise communication — whether you’re building global patent portfolios to protect and exploit your investment in R&D or securing rights for key technological developments.

The technical advancement across the automotive industry and the adoption of technologies from outside the sector mean that once-accepted industry lines are being blurred and the usual approaches to third-party rights reconsidered. With the market’s premier IP searching service, our attorneys can help you to identify and navigate the competitor and third-party landscape, providing tailored freedom-to-operate searches and strategic opinions on a local or global basis.

Our expertise extends to the field of design protection — we understand the importance of aesthetics in the automotive sector and our dedicated design team can strategically safeguard the shape of innovative automotive designs, from classical aspects such as body shape to less conventional (but increasingly ubiquitous) elements like digital displays and human machine interfaces.

We are also experienced at protecting innovation in more ‘traditional’ automotive technologies, including internal combustion engines, powertrain and drivetrain systems, which will continue to play an important role for a long time to come — so no matter how you are innovating for the future of transport, we can be by your side, every step of the way.

From experts in batteries and materials to specialists in software and AI, we can provide a bespoke team of attorneys, tailored to your needs.

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