Automotive Engineering

With a passion for automotive design and engineering and with over 45 years of experience of working for various clients in the sector, our automotive team excel in the protection of automotive innovations ranging from powertrain and drivetrain systems to control and management systems and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Areas of specific expertise include:

  • Vehicle control and management systems;
  • Engine management systems;
  • Powertrain systems including combustion engines, electric motors and hybrid systems;
  • Fuel injection and variable valve timing;
  • Drivetrain systems including polymer composite gearbox components;
  • Vehicle dynamics including vibration damping and isolation;
  • Vehicle suspension and braking systems;
  • Exhausts and cooling systems;
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SRC) systems;
  • Polymer and composite exterior and interior parts;
  • Armoured and tactical vehicles;
  • Passenger carrying vehicles;
  • Amphibious vehicles;
  • Agricultural, HGV and rail trailers;
  • Mobile materials handling equipment.

Our Team’s experience in IP practice is extensive:

  • Drafting and prosecution of patent applications;
  • Accelerated prosecution and grant of patent applications;
  • Registering designs and advising thereon;
  • Patent portfolio development and strategic advice;
  • Providing patent and registered design infringement opinions;
  • Conducting extensive multi-jurisdiction FTOs;
  • Opposing and invalidating third party intellectual property rights;
  • Worldwide management of IP portfolios;
  • Providing IP education to R&D teams and management.

As a result of the deep appreciation we have for our clients’ needs and expectations, we develop close client relationships which enable us to deliver a truly client focused service by providing timely, proactive and relevant advice across our full range of services, taking into account the commercial motivations behind each project. We work with you to develop a robust, cost-effective intellectual property portfolio to protect your innovations and business interests, and to help you navigate and mitigate the risks of third party intellectual property rights.


To find out how we can help your business, contact our team.

Terry Devlin

European Patent Attorney

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