Creative Agencies

IP protection for the creative industries

Your creativity and ideas — your intellectual property — are your business. Protecting them should be your priority.

IP law is complex and can be difficult to understand. But that shouldn’t be a barrier to protecting your business. All you need is the right partner.

Our creative industry expertise

Our specialist IP attorneys have advised marketing agencies, brand consultancies and more for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve found solutions to almost every imaginable problem.

Whether it’s the ideas that you pitch, identities you develop or content you create, it’s important to understand your rights and have specialist IP protection in place to safeguard your business when you need it, ensuring that you:

  • protect your ideas from being copied
  • get paid for your creativity
  • look after your clients’ interests (so that neither of you get sued for using an idea you’ve created but haven’t thoroughly checked)
  • add value to your business proposition and client relationships

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Joanne Lecky

Managing Director, Trade Marks

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Mike Vettese

Director, Trade Marks

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Director, Trade Marks

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