Advanced Materials

IP protection for advanced material innovations

Our chemistry and materials team works across a wide range of technology areas including aerospace, automotive, nuclear, electronics, sport and extreme pursuits. Our advanced materials specialisms include metallurgy, ceramics, solid-state materials, polymers and minerology.

Working as an extension of your R&D team, we provide a bespoke service, protecting IP where mechanical, chemical, electrical, thermal, optical and magnetic properties are often critical to meet application demands. Whether you’re innovating with polymers, alloys, ceramics or thin films, our attorneys provide high level strategic advice to industry-leading multinationals, universities and businesses around the world.

Our expertise in advanced materials

We can help you to identify and protect innovation in conducting polymers, n-type and p-type materials, electronic insulators, electrolytes and electrochemical converters, which rely on innovative materials to develop better performing composites and systems. Our IP attorneys are also experienced at protecting semiconductor devices manufactured from silicon and electro-optical materials that are fundamental to liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, with the development of device-specific functional organic materials including polymeric liquid crystals, metal and silicon oxides.

Our IP attorneys also work at the cutting-edge of extreme sports performance where, for instance, carbon fibre bicycles have replaced steel, metal alloys and ceramics are transforming mountain bike suspension systems and materials for improved impact absorption are making crash helmets safer. Our experience extends across this industry to carbon-fibre and polymer prosthetics, high-performance technical fabrics that enable thermal insulation and moisture management apparel, climbing ropes, parachute canopies, cabling and much more.

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