Consumer Goods

In the fast-moving consumer goods sector, products often have a short lifecycle. Deciding what to protect and when can be challenging. That’s where our expert teams can help.

We’re committed to helping you protect and exploit your IP at every stage of product development. From concept to creation and development to use in the market, we’ll continuously evaluate and re-evaluate your IP protection, supporting you throughout the product lifecycle.

Christian Finn, Director, Trade Marks


To find out more about our consumer goods expertise, and how we can work with you in all IP areas including patents, trade marks and more, contact us:

The consumer goods sector is driven by invention, innovation, re-invention and design. That makes it one of the most difficult in which to keep IP up-to-date, so making sure you have the right advice is essential.

Our experienced attorneys understand the sector, your role in it and the challenges it presents, so they can identify and support your IP needs every step of the way.

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