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Few industries move faster than the creative sector. Whether you’re creating a new album or a new fashion or furniture range, designing a trade mark or scripting a television series, designing fast-moving electronic goods, or developing computer-related imagery, for example in the gaming industry, your whole business is about unique and protectable IP.

Our IP attorneys work with clients across the creative industries, in everything from music and merchandising to film and television production to logo design. We are experts in identifying, registering, policing and enforcing the protection needed in every project, whatever the scale.

Mike Vettese, Director, Trade Marks

Our team includes attorneys with specialist expertise in the creative industries. They’ve worked with clients in fashion, electronic goods, music, media, advertising, film and television production, marketing and design – in fact, across the whole creative industries sector.

This means that there are few firms better placed to advise you when it comes to protecting your ideas than ours. We’ll help you identify, protect, police and enforce every aspect of your IP, ensuring you make the most of its value.

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Joanne Lecky

Managing Director, Trade Marks

Mike Vettese

Mike Vettese

Director, Trade Marks

Gareth Price

Director, Trade Marks

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