High-Tech and Software

High-tech and software IP moves quickly, and that’s why expert advice is needed to help you stay ahead of the curve.

This fast-moving field needs the best technical and strategic minds. Our team will provide you with IP solutions that keep you ahead of the competition.

Guido Zerbi, Practice Group Leader, Patents – High-Tech and Software



To find out more about our high-tech and software expertise, and how we can work with you in all IP areas including patents, trade marks and more, contact us:

Guido Zerbi

Head of Practice - Patents: High-Tech and Software

Mark Hickey

Mark Hickey

Head Of Practice - Trade Marks

In the high-tech and software sector, innovation means strategic advantage. Successful ideas may come from neighbouring disciplines. Our cross-sectoral team means we have specialists operating in every field, from optics and telecommunications to the latest LED lighting systems.

That means we’re perfectly placed to offer you a wide view of the sector, giving you opportunity to see new developments as they arise and respond to them accordingly.

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