Gene-editing technologies such as zinc fingers, TALENs and CRISPR and their applications, for example in diagnostics and therapeutics have been a hot topic for the last few years. Murgitroyd’s CRISPR group has extensive knowledge garnered from working with the manipulation of CRISPR systems for food applications from 2007 and evolving with the technology itself into the various other applications of this technology.

Having been at the forefront of this emerging technology, Murgitroyd is skilled at advising clients through the complex patent landscape that has been built up providing proactive and pragmatic commercial advice to our clients. We can provide a depth of understanding as to how patent offices are viewing this technology and the type of data that is required to generate robust patent protection depending on the application of the technology within the invention.

We are experienced in oppositions, drafting and prosecuting patent applications, providing opinions and IP due diligence in this field.

Our breadth of experience encompasses not only human therapeutics, but also includes industrial biotechnology, microbiome, AgBio and AI. We have an in depth understanding of the various applications of different classes and types of CRISPR systems and keep up to date with developments within this field.

Our expertise is recognised within our industry and we are often asked to provide comments for IP journals such as IAM, LSIPR and MIP as well as for scientific journals such as Nature and Science. At the request of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorney’s, we have presented to fellow UK patent attorney’s on considerations for drafting in this area.

Our collaborative environment allows us to tailor a team best suited to the individual need of our clients. Our core team includes those have particular expertise in CRISPR systems, AI, plant sciences, oppositions and pharmaceuticals.

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Dr Russell Thom

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