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The technical and legal issues of this sector are among the most complex of any field. We’ll put together a hand-picked team with the knowledge, legal skills and commercial acumen to help you address them.

Our bespoke team approach means you get the personal service you want and the industry expertise you need across the whole spectrum of scientific specialties.

Dr Russell Thom, Practice Group Leader, Patents – Chemistry & Life Sciences


To find out more about our life sciences, chemistry and pharmaceuticals expertise, and how we can work with you in all IP areas including patents, trade marks and more, contact us:

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Dr Russell Thom

Head of Practice - Patents: Chemistry and Biotechnology

Mark Hickey

Head Of Practice - Trade Marks

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We’re proud of our experienced life sciences, chemistry and pharmaceutical team. The expertise and specialist technical knowledge our attorneys have means we understand the problems you face, and we know how to help.

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