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With the development of 5G infrastructure and the Internet of Things, the advancement of telecommunications technology increasingly pervades our lives. In recent years its importance has grown significantly across many sectors including automotive, where effective and secure communication between vehicles is becoming an essential consideration, and healthcare, which relies on fast, low-latency communication for time-critical medical applications.

The proliferation of so much new technology means that it’s important to protect your intellectual property in a way which provides effective coverage. It’s also vital to ensure that your patent infringement risk is fully considered in a sector where there are many significant players.

Our expertise in telecoms & 5G technology

Our team has the expertise and resources to assist you to build patent portfolios which protect and exploit your investment, while enabling you to navigate this crowded and dynamic sector.

We’re experts in drafting and prosecuting patent applications relating to software and communication protocols, hardware and end-user devices, network technology, media and much more. We’re experienced at evaluating patents related to technical standards (such as MPEG and LTE) and are knowledgeable about licensing and enforcing Standard Essential Patents (SEPs).

Our know-how and industry awareness means that we’re able to understand your technology and provide advice from both a technical and legal standpoint. Our IP attorneys have backgrounds in electronic engineering, physics, computer science, software engineering and artificial intelligence (AI), which enables us to partner closely with inventors.

Whether you’re developing 5G infrastructure with virtual Radio Access Networks, building base stations which can implement massive MIMO technology, improving the technology implementing vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication or considering taking a license to patents in a pool of SEPs — our IP attorneys can provide the insightful guidance which will enable you to move forward.

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