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Global Efficiency
Direct European Patent Validations

How many foreign filings does your legal department undertake each year? With how many law firms? How many instructions are issued? Patents translated? Currencies converted? Deadlines docketed? Invoices monitored?

If you’re like many corporations that rely on the strength of their intellectual property in the global marketplace you’ve found it to be a complex, costly and time-consuming process and you are looking for solutions. If you’re like many corporations that believe you have found a solution, it is time to look again.

As part of its global IP Portal suite of services, Murgitroyd offers a new alternative for your European patent strategy. We have combined the knowledge and expertise of a qualified patent attorney firm with a unique presence in Europe with an efficient, predictable cost structure to bring you direct European Validation services.


Consider the differences Murgitroyd offers:

    • Backed by the strength of an established European patent attorney firm.
    • Qualified advice throughout the European validation process.
    • Cost savings that begin as early as you receive your 71(3) communication.
    • An in-house staff of more than 200 technical, legal and support professionals custom-matched to your portfolio on the basis of your technology
    • On-the-ground presence and local staff to attend to validations in 15 countries.
    • A qualified and audited network of in-country agents for other countries of interest.
    • Flat fees for services and estimates prepared for you, rather than cumbersome word and page counts
    • Power of Attorney forms prepared for you, simply awaiting your signature.
    • Attorney-supervised and audited translations, completed in-house.
    • No compromise between quality and cost.

Global Reach

Unique to the EP validation market, Murgitroyd, through its local offices and in-house staff offers direct European patent validations in these countries:

      • France
      • Germany
      • United Kingdom
      • Ireland
      • Luxembourg
      • Belgium
      • Sweden
      • Denmark
      • Finland
      • Norway
      • Italy
      • The Netherlands
      • Switzerland/Liechtenstein
      • Monaco
      • Austria

You will also be able to access, as your needs dictate, our long-standing, dedicated and audited network of agents with whom we have negotiated flat fees in all other EPC and extension countries: Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia and Slovenia.


Global Value

We understand how to control validation costs. By expertly managing necessary translations and using efficient filing strategies with local patent offices, we strive to minimize all of your procedural costs. We also help you to predict and control service fees with upfront estimates and flat rate fees so you can anticipate your budgetary needs throughout the lifetime of your patent.


Global Clarity

Bring clarity and organisation to your European Validation process with Murgitroyd. Provide us with a single email instruction and receive a single invoice in the currency of your choice and a single report.


Global Service Quality

Rather than requiring you to upload your documents to a self-service website, Murgitroyd will provide you with a personal, single-point of contact who will enquire about and recognise your individual needs and oversee your validation process. We will respond to your enquiries and offer strategic advice, additional prosecution or procedural services as necessary. We maintain flexibility in our approach to accommodate last minute validations while minimising urgency fees.