Paralegal Services

Our paralegal team will accurately and efficiently manage your intellectual property matters.  And as we offer a scalable solution, we can tailor the service to fit your needs.

Our clients find they are able to achieve a better product at a lower cost by outsourcing some or all of their paralegal service needs.

Eden Stright, US Managed Services

We provide a complete paralegal service solution, adhering to quality standards and fast turnaround times.  With a focus on flexibility we provide full or part-time staffing, based on your needs, for on-going and/or one-time projects.  All services are fulfilled at the highest standards of confidentiality and security on your intellectual property assets.

Our services include:

  • Preparing application documents and filing complete application at USPTO
  • Preparing and submitting notice of missing parts, information disclosure statement, issue fee payments, certificate of correction and maintenance fee payments
  • Preparing and recording of assignment
  • Filing of response to office action
  • Preparing of formal drawings
  • Submitting invoices to your client’s ebilling system
  • Invention disclosure tracking/docketing (corporate in-house offering only)


To discuss your paralegal service requirements please contact Eden Stright or Michael Chernoff.

Eden Stright

Eden Stright

US Managed Services

Michael Chernoff

Michael B Chernoff

Director, IP Strategy and Portfolio Management

We can help with:

  • STRATEGY – building an IP strategy tailored to your commercial goals from the start.
  • PROTECTION – putting the right IP protection in place for you, and supporting it with the correct drawings, translations and any other documentation you will need.
  • COMMERCIALISATION – helping you maximise value from the IP rights you create.
  • ENFORCEMENT – ensuring your IP rights are enforced and defended worldwide.
  • MAINTENANCE & MORE – providing stress-free management and maintenance of your global IP portfolio.

Our Services

  • IP Strategy
  • IP Audits
  • Product Ideation
  • Brand Ideation
  • IP Searching
  • IP Landscaping
  • Drafting
  • European Patent Validation
  • PCT National Stage Entry
  • Direct National Filing
  • Infringement and Validity Opinions
  • Portfolio Review and Management
  • Licensing and Commercialisation Support
  • Renewals
  • Translation
  • Technical Drawings
  • Due Diligence
  • IP Training
  • Filing
  • Prosecution
  • Litigation Support
  • Secondments
  • Patent Box Assistance
  • Oppositions and Appeals

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