Learn more about IP Renewals

Our renewals team is backed by the expertise of 60 IP attorneys and a suite of global support resources. They handle all types of IP renewals, including patent, trade mark and design renewals across all sectors:

  • High-tech and software
  • Life sciences, chemistry and pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering
  • Energy
  • Consumer goods
  • Business and financial services
  • Creative industries


Our IP Renewals Service

Everything we do is governed by client service. That means we’re always focused on making your life easier. You’ll have a local point of contact, and direct access by both phone and email to the team handling your account.

No automatic email acknowledgements, no reference numbers to remember, no repeating the same question to different people time and again. You simply get efficient, responsive and accurate service from someone who understands your business and your priorities.

We know you have a choice of renewals supplier, and that the costs can be comparable. However, unlike many providers we don’t tie you into complex contracts and agreements to make sure you stay with us.


How the IP Renewals Service works

We have more than 44,000 renewals cases on our systems. Every one of them is subject to the same quality controlled processes under ISO 9001:2008. All updates are quality reviewed, and we continually monitor local fee and law changes to make sure our records are up to date. We create a client service document that contains all the information we need about how you want us to act. It’s updated continually, and can be accessed by everyone working on your cases to make sure we’re all delivering the service you want.

  1. Six to twelve months before your renewal is due, we verify your case data and find the best renewals costs available.
  2. Unless we’re working to a schedule you’ve specified, we’ll send you a customised reminder five months before the renewal is due. It will include case information, costs and any other details you’ve asked to receive. It will also show the cut-off date for manual payments, or the date when we’ll start the automatic payment process. That’s usually the month before the annuity is due.
  3. We start the payment process on the cut-off date. If you make manual payments, and we haven’t had instructions from you, we’ll prompt you to make sure you don’t lose rights unintentionally.
  4. If you miss the cut-off date to instruct manual payment it’s no problem. There isn’t always a financial penalty for instructing closer to the deadline. We only pass on extra charges if they’re incurred. If you decide to cancel a payment, we’ll do our best to stop it, and pass on any refunds.
  5. In some jurisdictions, you can still renew for a given period after the deadline. Where that’s the case, if we don’t receive instructions from you before the deadline, we’ll send you a reminder that it’s overdue. That way you don’t lose protection unless you choose to.
  6. Once your payment is verified and completed, we confirm and record the next due date to make sure you enjoy a seamless service year on year.


Managing your move

The point of our renewals system is to make things easier for you. That applies to the transition process, too. We work with your in-house team and/or your existing provider to make sure the transition takes place with minimum effort on your part.

  1. We talk to you to determine how we can reduce your renewals workload.
  2. We produce a customised client service document that shows every detail of every interaction we will have.
  3. Working with your in-house team or current service provider, we’ll gather all case record information relating to your portfolio.
  4. We then do a thorough integrity check, to make sure we have everything we need to take over. (There’s also an optional data check, which involves comparing each case against the appropriate local registry to make sure it’s 100% accurate.)
  5. Once we have the information we need, we agree a transfer date between all parties. We then write to your local associates, where necessary, to tell them about the change.
  6. We’ll stay in constant contact with you throughout, so you know what’s happening every step of the way.
  7. Once the process is complete, we’ll maintain regular contact to make sure we continue to deliver exactly the service you need.


We’re here to help with IP Renewals

Our experienced and professional team are here to talk you through our renewals service. Give them a call today to see how they can make life simpler for you.