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Murgitroyd ask the right questions, follow our instructions, and can always be counted on to deliver advice that is timely and accurate.

Mark Stafford, Solicitor, Lee & Thompson, London

We have one priority when working with our peers – to become an invisible extension of their own resources. Our goal is to complement the services you offer, and help you strengthen client relationships.

We know how valuable time, quality, value and efficiency are in this business, so we’ll make sure we don’t slow you down or overload you with paperwork. We value the relationships created by working together, which prove mutually beneficial at the time and for the future.

The Murgitroyd Solicitor Service is a sub-contract IP service offered to UK-based solicitors. Contact us to find out more.


If you'd like to speak to us about support for your business, contact Laurence Cheney.

Laurence Cheney

Laurence Cheney

Marketing and Client Services Manager - UK/Europe

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