Universities & Public Sector

Murgitroyd’s university IP attorneys understand the issues we face as an educational institute. That means the service we receive is always precisely tailored to our needs. Their contribution to our commercialisation activities is invaluable.

Tas Gohir, Former IP Manager, University of Leicester

We’ve worked with more than 80 universities and some of the world’s leading academics during our 40 years in business. So we understand how the academic environment works. We know about funding and publication issues, we understand the rules of the public sector.

Our university IP attorneys create personal partnerships and direct relationships with you, so you always have a dedicated point of contact when you need it. So you can focus on innovation, while we take care of all the legal requirements.

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If you’d like to speak to us about support for your organisation, contact Laurence Cheney or Kevin Toner.

Laurence Cheney

Laurence Cheney

Head of Global Marketing Operations

Kevin Toner

Corporate Communications Director

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