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Today’s global audience for games is huge — and growing. This trend, alongside increasing digitalization, means that it has never been more important to protect the significant time, effort and creativity you put into your work and developing your brand from competitors, pirates and copycats.

Whether you’re a publisher concerned with increasing your market share or a developer looking to sustain your competitive advantage through process and product innovation, IP rights are hugely important. IP can attract investors and unlock valuable new revenue streams through licensing and royalties.

In projects where every penny counts, this could make a decisive difference.

The possibilities unlocked by immersive technologies appear to be endless. We’re seeing an enormous amount of innovation across the reality-virtuality continuum — virtual reality (VR) gaming is gaining popularity and becoming more affordable to consumers, augmented virtuality (AV) is seeing extensive R&D and augmented reality (AR) is spreading into the public sphere through health tech, wearables and apps. Being proactive about protecting your intellectual property allows you to gain a commercial advantage in such a fast-moving and cutting-edge area of technology.

Our expertise in games & apps intellectual property

It’s a common misconception in the games industry that IP rights take too long and cost too much to secure to be worth pursuing. Often, ignoring your IP is a much more costly mistake.

IP rights are assets which add value to your company and can attract potential investors. You can also licence, sell or mortgage your IP to ensure that you receive a fair return for your creative efforts. Such benefits usually far outweigh the initial expense of securing IP rights.

Our expert attorneys can advise which type of right and level of protection is suitable for you, providing strategic and commercially focused guidance to get the most out of your budget. We have a wealth of experience in protecting computer-implemented inventions, wearable technology, optics, electrical devices, telecommunications and augmented reality technologies.

From methods of image pre-warping, foveated rendering and surround-sound audio processing to lens construction, motion-sensor technology and ergonomics, the single example of a virtual reality headset demonstrates a variety of technological innovations that benefit from patent protection. The level of technical knowledge our attorneys possess means that we can quickly get to grips with how your invention works and assess your intellectual property needs.

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