Blockchain, Cryptography & Mathematics

Filing thousands of patents for one of the global leaders in the blockchain space has given us invaluable insight into how inventions relating to blockchain, cryptography and mathematics are assessed by patent offices around the world.

IP protection for blockchain, cryptography & mathematics

Whether your technology makes cryptocurrency payments more scalable or applies the techniques of abstract algebra to improve the cybersecurity of connected vehicle infrastructure, we are uniquely positioned to assist in managing your IP.

Our diverse and talented team consists of physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists, which enables us to drill down into the minutiae of an invention to gain an unparalleled depth of understanding and provide jargon free, commercially relevant advice.

We always take time to truly understand your invention, company and vision before advising you on how to proceed, which helps to form a strong foundation for a long and successful relationship.

Blockchain cryptography mathematics

Our expertise in blockchain technology

Our rare level of experience has seen us protect innovations across finance, telecommunications, data protection and cryptographic security, and helps us to consistently identify strategies that provide the best chance of achieving patent protection.

This is backed-up by our deep knowledge of the subject matter. Many of our attorneys have backgrounds in theoretical physics, which provides a strong base for working with inventors in many diverse areas of blockchain technology such as cryptographic security, data sharing, signature schemes, smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions.

Others have backgrounds in computer science, software engineering and artificial intelligence (AI), which gives them a solid understanding of the network platforms, protocols and software aspects of this technology. This is evident in our experience of drafting and prosecuting applications relating to scripting techniques, digital wallets, compilers and other blockchain-related technologies.

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Terence Broderick

Senior European Patent Attorney

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Shamil Rasheed

European Patent Attorney

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