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With a broad range of skills and specialisms, find out how our growing software team can support you. Encompassing computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists, our breadth of experience covers sectors as diverse as automotive, blockchain, cryptography, cybersecurity, gaming, healthcare, telecoms, the metaverse and mixed reality, as well as consumer goods and services.

Our expertise in software

We work with the organizations and technologies that shape our world, including industry leaders like Amazon, nChain, NTT, Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation) and ZTE, as well as universities, SMEs and start-ups. We provide robust and informed IP procurement, guidance and enforcement strategies in addition to straightforward, commercially focused advice.

Our attorneys understand that, in addition to outstanding technical capability, the foundation of great client service is forged from strong relationships that will stand the test of time. Our multidisciplinary, collaborative and stable software team will spend time getting to grips with your business, strategy and IP portfolio to build a platform from which we can help you achieve success.

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