The problem with humans: why we are the biggest roadblock to fully autonomous driving

Terence Broderick

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The pods are coming. While we already have the technology to enable fully autonomous driving and various trials are well underway, the key question to answer is: when will we reach this promised land?

With many technological roadblocks in the way and hundreds of billions of driving miles needed to gather sufficient data to prove the safety of autonomous vehicles, fully autonomous vehicles being commonplace on our roads is still some way off.

However, one problem looms large over all others — us. If humans were removed from the equation, fully autonomous driving would be far safer, as every interaction on the roads would be managed by software. Instead, autonomous vehicles must learn to deal with the unpredictability of human behaviour.

In the latest Autovista24 podcast, our AI and autonomous vehicle expert Terence Broderick provides an eye-opening update on the state of fully autonomous driving.

Listen to find out why:

  • Milton Keynes is at the centre of UK autonomous driving
  • Chinese robotaxi trials are leading the way
  • A lack of human intuition is holding autonomous vehicles back
  • Cybersecurity is critical to protect both networks and individuals
  • Building public trust means overcoming significant technological obstacles
  • Public transport and personal mobility ‘pods’ could drive the revolution

Listen to the podcast here.

If you’re innovating in autonomous driving, get in touch with Terence at to find out whether your technology could be eligible for patent protection.

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