Hong Kong IPD Makes a Significant Step Forward in Digitising Processes

Thomas Gibb

Hong Kong IPD Makes a Significant Step Forward in Digitising Processes

In line with the direction of travel for intellectual property offices worldwide, the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department (HK IPD) will be replacing paper certificates with electronic versions from the 28th of June, 2024.

More specifically, for each of the following:

  • Trademark applications published for acceptance on or after 15 March 2024;
  • Patent applications published for grant on or after 28 June 2024;
  • Design applications published on or after 28 June 2024;

The final certificate will be issued electronically when the applicant, or their representative, is a registered e-filer. For the few who remain outside the e-filer system, HK IPD will continue to issue paper certificates. As such, the number of paper certificates issued will dramatically decrease, representing a significant step forward in the digitisation of the department's work.

The move to electronic certificates also benefits applicants in Hong Kong, eliminating the need for the safe storage of physical certificates for the lifetime of the intellectual property right. As such, this change is welcome, easing the grant process for HK IPD, applicants and agents alike.

If, for any reason, an applicant requires a physical copy of the grant certificate, this can be requested in writing. However, the time limits for requesting a paper copy of an electronic certificate are short. Therefore, intellectual property owners should ensure any requests for physical copies are filed as soon as the electronic certificate is issued.

If you have any questions or are interested in pursuing intellectual property rights in Hong Kong, please contact our specialist teams.

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