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Launching a New Campaign on Social Media – 7 Intellectual Property Tips

Launching a new campaign on social media? Don’t forget about Intellectual Property!

Social media is now part of our every day life with marketing departments regularly launching new campaigns on various channels. To help you, we’ve put together 7 key Intellectual Property tips for anyone considering launching a campaign:

  • Don’t forget to check the basics about your Intellectual Property rights and use!
  • Have a process in place for checking IP rights- we recommend liaising with your Trade Mark Attorney.
  • Be in a position to answer the question “Do we have Trade Mark protection for the logo/slogan we are using?”
  • Have the answer to the question “Has the hashtag or slogan we are about to use been registered by someone else?”
  • Educate your marketing department or social media team on the key aspects of Intellectual Property rights
  • Educate your influencers or any third party using your trade marks on Intellectual Property rights and make sure your brand guidelines are clear to them
  • Don’t forget that copyright and design rights may also apply.

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