Chemistry & Materials

Blending in-depth knowledge of chemistry and materials science with intellectual property expertise, Murgitroyd is adept at protecting your breakthroughs and driving your business forward. With us, you're not just innovating; you're revolutionising the future of chemistry and materials.

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Advanced materials

Advanced Materials

Our team of experts in chemistry and materials operates across diverse technology sectors such as aerospace, automotive, nuclear, medical, electronics, sports, and extreme pursuits, with specialisations in advanced materials, including metallurgy, ceramics, solid-state materials, nanomaterials, and mineralogy.

Serving as an integral part of your R&D team, we offer a tailored service that safeguards IP where the interplay of mechanical, chemical, electrical, thermal, optical, and magnetic properties is critical to meeting application demands.

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Battery technology

Battery Technology

Leveraging their deep knowledge of diverse chemical and electrochemical systems and patent expertise, our specialist IP attorneys can secure maximum legal protection for your chemistry-driven solutions. Collaborating closely with our electronics and software sector teams, we deliver a technically superior service that fortifies your intellectual property rights while fostering innovation.

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Green chemistry

Green Chemistry

Grasping the interdisciplinary essence of green chemistry, our diverse team of IP attorneys is primed to safeguard your ground-breaking R&D in alternative, eco-friendly and sustainable technologies.

Our deep understanding of lifecycle sustainability-associated technologies empowers us to facilitate your decision-making and collaborate with you to craft a tailored IP strategy.

By aligning your innovative efforts with robust intellectual property protection, we ensure that your green solutions are not just sustainable, but also competitively positioned in the market.

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The attorneys in our Chemistry & Materials team have in depth experience of a broad range of polymer technologies, including additive manufacturing, adhesives, anti-corrosion layers, elastomers, food science, medical coatings, optically active layers, polymer thin films, sealants, thermoplastics, thermoset polymers, and sol-gel chemistry, as well as addressing the challenges around the recycling of polymers.

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