Our attorneys are experts in organic, inorganic and biodegradable polymers, and can provide you with the strategic advice needed to secure the best possible protection for your inventions.

IP protection for polymer innovations

The attorneys in our Chemistry & Materials team have in depth experience of a broad range of polymer technologies, including additive manufacturing, adhesives, anti-corrosion layers, elastomers, food science, medical coatings, optically active layers, polymer thin films, sealants, thermoplastics, thermoset polymers, and sol-gel chemistry, as well as addressing the challenges around the recycling of polymers.


Our expertise in polymers

Our polymer specialisms include the use of polysaccharides such as pectins and carrageenans in food technology. We also have extensive experience of silicones and organopolysiloxanes for use as sealants or adhesives, as well as in the medical technology sector. We additionally have knowledge of sol-gel chemistry, specifically the hydrolysis and partial condensation of precursors, and the condensation of sol particles into a three-dimensional (3D) networks, for use as coatings involving optically active layers, anti-corrosion layers and as medical coatings.

Our expertise also extends to thermoplastics such as polycarbonate (PC), polyetherimides (PEI) and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) as well as thermoset polymers and elastomers. We also advise on additives for polymers such as flame retardants and other inorganic materials.

David Mansell 1280x860

David Mansell

European Patent Attorney

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