Digital Technology & Electronics: Enabling Technologies

Our Team includes experts and research academics from leading European universities.  Our studies and following experiences mean that we are experts in fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3D systems (including augmented reality, digital twin simulation, and additive manufacturing), security, micro- and nanoelectronics, quantum computing, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, user interfaces, geo-positioning, safety, power supply, data management, data security, block chain and media processing among others.

Our Team’s experience in IP practice is varied:

  • Worldwide management of IP portfolios;
  • Conducting extensive multi-jurisdiction Freedom to Operate searches;
  • Pre-filing prior art searches and patent landscaping;
  • Advising R&D personnel and other inventors.

We have experience in identifying the core concepts of inventions and formulating commercially relevant strategies to obtain valuable protection.  We understand the variety of purposes behind patent protection and we work with you to develop a robust patent portfolio with an eye towards future litigation and to prevent your competitors from encroaching on your rights.

A significant challenge faced in our profession is the patenting of software and other computer implemented inventions (CIIs).  Our Team has extensive legal knowledge and experience in prosecuting CIIs worldwide, enabling us to regularly obtain patent protection for our clients in this difficult technology area.


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Keith Jones

Managing Director, Patents

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