Patent Box

Patent Box legislation was created to encourage companies to invest in Research and Development and to help them benefit from their investment beyond the commercialisation of their innovation.

Our specialist Patent Box team was set up to help our clients make the most of the scheme. We work with clients, often alongside accountants to help clients identify qualifying patents and to identify processes or technology advances which, once protected, allows them to benefit from the scheme.

The Patent Box system allows qualifying companies to substantially reduce corporation tax on profits made through their patents.

To qualify, the company must own, be the applicant for or have exclusive licensee rights to the patents concerned, must be in receipt of qualifying profits relating to the qualifying patents, and must fulfil development and management criteria relating to the intellectual property involved.

Our team is here to help you navigate the Patent Box rules, and help you to maximise any benefit you’re entitled to.


To discuss your patent box requirements, contact us.

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We’ll take care of:

  • IDENTIFYING – qualifying rights you may hold.
  • PLANNING – where you might like to file new patent applications.
  • ACCELERATING – existing applications that may qualify, to increase your qualifying portfolio.

Our Services

  • IP Strategy
  • Drafting
  • Portfolio Review and Management
  • Filing
  • Prosecution

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