Accessing your IP – the benefits of a client portal

Rosalie Hide

Accessing your IP the benefits of a client portal

As an intellectual property (IP) portfolio grows, keeping abreast of the status and progress of each individual right becomes an ever more significant challenge.

Whilst regular updates from your IP service provider regarding the status of your rights can be of great assistance, these updates only provide a snapshot of your portfolio at that point in time. For businesses with large, fast-moving IP portfolios, this snapshot can quickly become outdated, with the risk of business decisions being made on the back of old information.

Why is a client portal important?

Client portals can be used to ensure precise, up-to-date information is at the fingertips of IP owners at all times. Client portals are typically accessible over the internet, providing IP owners with user-friendly access to detailed information about their IP rights. At a basic level, this information can include the status and geographic spread of relevant IP rights. More advanced systems, such as Murgitroyd’s Client Portal, allow IP owners to instruct the payment of renewal fees, the validation of a European patent and even the filing of national patent applications. Additionally, if desired, portals can be customised to inform IP owners of upcoming deadlines and provide access to all correspondence relevant to their IP rights.

Benefits of a client portal

Client portals also have the benefit of allowing IP owners to obtain detailed cost estimates in seconds. For example, the Murgitroyd Client Portal can provide accurate fixed quotes for validating a European patent, the payment of renewal fees, and the filing of national phase patent applications stemming from a PCT. Generation of these quotes online is instantaneous, allowing users to make changes to their intended instructions and instantly view the concomitant changes in cost, ensuring any IP budget has the maximum impact.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits our client portal can offer, please contact us.

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