The evolution of IP – intellectual property support services

Rosie Hardy

The evolution of IP intellectual property support services

In our series on the evolution of the IP industry, we’ve discussed the role of paralegals, we now turn to other IP professionals who provide IP support services. These professionals work alongside our Attorney team and together they assist our clients in the management of their IP rights portfolio.

Intellectual property (IP) support services can help your business manage foreign filings, European patent validations, IP translations and renewals.

Managing foreign filings

Once your initial priority application is filed, you have 12 months to decide whether to file further applications in individual countries or to delay this by filing an international patent application. After filing an international patent application, you have 30 months from the priority date to file in individual countries at the national phase.

Our foreign filing teams in the UK and the US can streamline the filing process for you. The team of IP professionals are highly specialised in all aspects of the management of your foreign filing- from preparing a fixed quote, with just your intellectual property application number and the territories in which you would like to file to managing a network of partners to process your instructions in multiple territories.

Managing European Patent validations

Once a European patent has been granted, it must be validated in each country you wish to enforce the patent within 3 months. This process involves filing forms, paying fees and depending on the country, filing translations.

Our EP validations team manages the process and can provide direct validation in 15 European countries via our own offices. For the remaining countries we use our network of partners.

Managing your IP translations

Translations are needed for: EP validations, national applications, documents in relation to invention disclosure statements, assignments, opposition procedure and replies, litigation procedure and arguments. Our IP translations team specialises in this specific area of legal translations to provide both high quality and technically accurate translations.

Managing your renewals

Both trade marks and patents need to be renewed regularly after they are granted in each territory in order to be enforced. Trade marks are generally renewed every 10 years for another 10 years. Patents are generally renewed annually and for a maximum term of 20 years from filing. However, as the annual payment of renewal fees is not necessary in all countries, having a specialised team means the details and deadlines in different countries are not missed. Our renewals team is made up of a trade mark team and a patent team that also covers utility models, Supplementary Protection Certificates and designs.

If you are interested in a career as an IP support services professional or looking to understand better how our team of support service professionals could be of service to you, please get in touch.

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