How to protect yourself from online counterfeits?

Steve Waine, Christian Finn

How to protect yourself from online counterfeits

This week we are turning our attention to the issue of online counterfeiting. We look at some practical steps your business can take to best protect yourself online.

This advice is specifically targeted at online brand protection – for example, preventing third parties from copying or closely resembling your trade mark, logo, design or advertising products in online marketplaces or websites.

Step 1: Be Aware!

  • Develop a detailed knowledge of your Trade Marks, logos, colour schemes, designs and all other details of your brand which could be copied by third parties
  • Be knowledgeable about the protection you currently have in place
  • Identify and remedy any gaps you may have in your current Intellectual property protection – we can help you with this
  • Identify the most important or valuable trade marks in your IP portfolio
  • Understand where your major markets and opportunities are

Step 2: Be proactive!

  • Regularly monitor your online market places
  • Ask your Trade Mark Attorney to set up watching services
  • Monitor variations in your sales – can you explain a drop in sales in a specific product or territory?
  • Have good brand control – for instance, make sure you always use the same, protected marks or colours and be sure to brief your manufacturer/supply chain
  • Educate your customers, help them recognise what is distinctive about your brand. This will protect them as well as you!
  • If you have concerns you can seek the help of a Trading Standard Officer or customs and Excise
  • Take advice on the potential for raising civil actions
  • Regularly review your Trade Mark portfolio with your Attorney

Your Trade Mark Attorney can help your register your rights and also help you protect them!

For further information on Trade Mark watching services and online brand protection, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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