Artificial Intelligence

IP protection for artificial intelligence innovations

When it comes to artificial intelligence, our specialist attorneys have a rare combination of experience and depth of knowledge having drafted and prosecuted a significant number of software patents. Our expert team encompasses mathematicians, physicists and pure computer scientists, helping us truly understand the underlying technology behind both pure and applied AI-related patents.

Our expertise in artificial intelligence

With a breadth of experience covering sectors as diverse as automotive, blockchain, cryptography, cybersecurity, electronics, games, life sciences, healthcare, telecoms and immersive technologies, we have a well-rounded knowledge of AI’s application across many different products and fields.

While software-related inventions are notoriously difficult to protect, our significant experience of dealing with patent offices around the world means that we can prepare your applications with the relevant legal framework in mind, providing your best chance of securing patent rights.

This is particularly relevant for AI and ML (machine learning) since computer programs and mathematical methods can be explicitly excluded from patentability. Therefore, applications must be prepared by an attorney with deep experience in these fields to give them the best chance to progress.

We provide robust, informed IP procurement, guidance and enforcement strategies in addition to straightforward, commercially focused advice. We also give tailored insight as to where your invention sits on the spectrum between non-patentable and patentable subject matter.

The success of patent applications in such a complex field ultimately depends on the quality of the drafts. Our experienced team can help you achieve your IP objectives.

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